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I live with a great deal of internalised guilt for the way humanity has caused so much destruction.


We, as humans, have historically and continue to be the only species on this planet that works against nature. Most animals live in harmony with their environment, with a hard coded understanding that one looks after the other. Humans have, sadly, worked hard against this, despite us being intelligent and aware that if we ravage our world, we will feel the effects of it for generations to come; Places will become un-liveable, cities will be lost to the sea and to wildfires, famine will be global, the list goes on.


There are a few ways I am working to ensure that I can continue to work with the materials I love without undue environmental cost. Wherever possible I source my timber locally to reduce the carbon footprint of transport along with using wind fall timber when available.


I design and construct my pieces with longevity in mind. We can see from antique furniture that it is possible to create pieces that can far outlast a human lifetime. 

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